Just Stopping By

Hello everyone! My normal blogging schedule isn’t going to resume anytime soon, but I’ll be popping in every once in a while🙂. If you read my last post you know I just had lasik a few weeks ago. I LOVE it. Even if I had to wear super dorky eye wear:

photo 1(4)

It only took about a week or two for my eyes to feel completely normal and now I can see so clearly, it’s insane. No dry or smudgy contacts or cleaning my always-dirty glasses! Hallelujah. However, I did look like a zombie after the procedure for about a week:



photo 3(2)

Cute, ey?

They went away after a while though, so no complaints. I had a little too much fun creeping people out with it haha. Getting the procedure was awesome, but spending time at home was soooooo nice too.

Comparing heights:

photo 1(5)

Why do parents’ fridges have the best ingredients for sandwiches??

photo 5(1)

Of course, this snuggle bug was my bff the whole time I was home:photo 4(1)

photo 2(4)

photo 2(3)

But my time at home felt way too short and when I came back I descended into madness. So many things going on in my life right now! I just got a job, which is AWESOME, but definitely challenging considering I still have three weeks left of school. But, hey, I’m employed and I have my own office. Absolutely no complaints here.


The glasses picture hanging up behind my desk says “talk nerdy to me” and the cupcake one on the window sill says “will work for cupcakes”… you can blame my father for my love of cheesy puns.

One thing I will complain about, however, is moving. Oy. Vey. This was the smoothest move I’ve ever had, but it was a move nonetheless, and who likes packing up all their stuff? It sucks, plain and simple. Thankfully my family was a huge help. My mom came down a day early to help me finish packing everything. Of course we needed to fuel up for the big day with breakfast at Little Goat Diner

photo 3(3)

The “Elvis” with bacon, banana, syrup and peanut butter BUTTER. Literally blended pb and regular butter. Absolutely to die for.

photo 4(3)

Their special omelet of the day. Crispy onions for the win!

Then my dad, sister, brother and brother’s friends came down the next day to help move, along with the manfriend.

photo 5(2)

photo 1(6)

Glad it’s over and done with at least! Now I’m planning on relaxing (well, after I finish my mountain of homework) with JD and his brother because he’s in town this weekend.

photo 4(4)

Until next time❤


  1. Congrats on the Lasik!! Wish I had the finances to get that done right now – it would be awesome! I’m so tired of wearing my contacts & I don’t do glasses during the day now that it’s sunny out. Someday.
    OMG, peanut butter BUTTER?! Yum!! Sign me up for some of that!
    Congrats on the new job, love the pics!😉

  2. Sooo jealous of your laser surgery! Not so much of the eye spots though…very freaky! But I guess totally worth it for a glasses-free existence.
    Your office looks amazing – the fact that you have an office is amazing to me. Congrats!
    (Whenever I go home to see my mum I raid their fridge and cupboard. It’s the way forward.)

  3. Glad you’re all done moving! This is actually the longest I’ve lived in one place since I was a little girl. Before that I’ve been used to packing everything up everything I own and moving at least once (if not twice) a year. So moving has never bothered me. I think if I had to do it now, though, after living here 4 years I’d be a lot less fond of it, haha! Also, glad you are loving your lasik!🙂

  4. Okay so me and my sister do the height comparison ALL THE TIME! Too bad she is younger and taller than me…oh well.
    That sandwich looks so good🙂

  5. Excuse me while I go blend up some peanut butter butter…. On a serious note though congrats on the new job with a cute office and the successful surgery! Lasik is one of those things I keep looking into and then talking myself out of, so I’m glad to hear it went well for you🙂

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