1. Thanks love! I don’t mind how they look but they’re CONSTANTLY in the way and they always fell off my face & refused to stay clean for more than two seconds. SO happy with lasik right now

    1. Totes agree- love how they look, but they’re just so damn annoying. These ones more than any others I’ve had in my life. SO happy with not having to wear them now!

  1. I think you look fab in your glasses but I understand why you want to move away from them! I hated my glasses and was so embarrassed to wear them. Now I’ve got contact lenses and things are so much better. Still a pain (annoying to not be able to see in the shower for example) but better than before.

    1. Yeah, I’ve worn contacts since I was about 10 because I hated wearing glasses so much haha. I only wore them in the evenings when my contacts were bugging me, but both were a pain after a while. Especially because I was SO blind, like cannot find my way home if I lost my contacts in public blind.

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