Survey Sunday

Hello, lovely readers! It’s been tough to keep up with blogging lately because I’m smack dab in the middle of school, job hunting/interviewing, packing my apartment (how have I accumulated so much crap over two years??), searching for a new place AND packing to go home and get LASIK next week (Yay!). Whew! Who knew adulthood was so overwhelming.

It’s all exciting though, so I’m not complaining. I’m just a little burnt out, so posts will probably be infrequent for a while, but don’t worry your pretty little heads; I’m not going anywhere.

Unfortunately being very busy with “grown up stuff” has left me with very little to blog about this week, so I decided to do this fun little survey I found when I was cleaning out my computer (I’m spring cleaning EVERYTHING haha).

Last food you ate:

Well I’ve been OBSESSED with Trader Joe’s whole wheat British muffins, so I’ve been eating a ton of those. Couldn’t decide if I wanted them sweet or savory this morning so I did both for breakfast:


Sunbutter+banana and cheese+bacon, yum yum.

I also have to share my dinner last night:DSCN1372PB&J sweet potato with a side of peppers. Strange, but good delicious.

Last beverage you drank:



Last workout you did:

Just got back from the gym actually. Took a weights/cardio class with an ab class after.

Last thing you pinned:

This beauty:


Juli’s sweet plantain guacamole.

Last text message you sent:

To the manfriend:


Last blog you visited:

Carrots n’ Cake. One of my favorites & I’m way too excited to read when she has her baby haha.

Last tweet you sent:

Oooh, yeah about that. Sorta forgot Twitter existed.

Last place you visited:

Well, the last place I traveled was Mexico, which was fabulous, but I visited home more recently. Actually my little sister visited ME this weekend. We had a blast:

photo 5(5)

photo 2(8)

photo 4(2)

Last time you did ab work:

About 20 minutes ago😉.

Last show you watched:

House Hunters… HGTV is quite literally always on in the background at my apartment.

Last thing you baked:

These cake batter blondies and Christine’s brownies (minus the pb frosting) this weekend with my sister:

photo 1(10)

photo 2(9)

Did NOT manage to snap a picture before we devoured them all (we only made a quarter batch of each though, so we only felt like we were going to throw up for a teeensie bit), but here’s what they looked like:

Ok, ours weren’t so pretty, but taste is more important anyway!

 Last thing you Instagrammed:

The picture of my sister with the mohawk on Easter.

Last item on your to-do list today:

Watch Game of Thrones with my friends. Cannnnnoot wait!



  1. OK that apron your sister is wearing must be the one you were talking about, SO FREAKING CUTE! Those treats looks delicious, and I love that you and your sister are so close!

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