Thursdays are for


I’ve got a few unorganized, random thoughts to share with you this lovely Thursday! But first, head on over to Amanda’s page if you aren’t familiar with this linkup.

1) This was from two weeks ago, but how cute is this pic?


My guys! Just need my brother and the pup in this picture for it to be complete. Speaking of the pup…

2) I miss this little guy so much when I’m in the city:

photo 1(5)

In fact, I almost bought this little nugget:


Or this one:

UntitledI mean look at those adorable little smooshed faces! Oh lord, it’s only a matter of time before I cave and get one.

3) I forgot to share this ages ago, but I had my last first day of school this month! My outfit:

photo 3(18)

photo 1(20)

4) Keiko Lynn is my new fashion icon.

Absolutely adore 99% of her outfits!

5) I’m headed home this weekend for Easter! Can’t wait to celebrate with my favorite crazies. Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Puppiessssssss. I had to leave my girl at home when I moved out because I didn’t want to take her away from a yard just to stuff her in a condo, but I seriously miss having a dog and wouldn’t mind getting one in the future. I travel and work too much right now though😥

  2. Even though I have only cats, I am a self-professed dog lover. There is nothing really quite as cute as dog pictures. And your new fashion icon is SO pretty! Have a lovely easter with your family! Eat lots of chocolate bunnies xx

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