Recent Adventures

Hello everyone! Hope you guys didn’t miss me tooooo much while I was off enjoying my winter break🙂. My time off has been marvelous which is appropriate because today I’m linking up to Katie’s Marvelous in My Monday.

I’ve been busy visiting this guy and then being super lazy when I got back home:


With his new scarf (Christmas present from my parents).

He actually had to come back to Chicago for a job interview so we ended up taking the bus to Ohio together, which was fantastic. Always better to have a companion on the bus.


We went to The West Side Market, which is Ohio’s oldest publicly owned market which started in the early 1800’s. It’s basically food heaven.


So. Much. Food.

I didn’t end up taking a ton of pictures because I had one hand full with homemade goat cheese and garlic stuffed pasta and a scrumptious mocha coffee in the other:


Plus I was so overwhelmed with sheer joy that I was a bit beside myself.

We also celebrated Christmas and opened gifts together since we won’t see each other until after New Years. We got lots of little gifts for each other, but I’ll just show you the highlights.

I got this delightful lil travel mug for JD from Mugsley’s on Etsy:


I mean, coffee and Lord of the Rings are basically our two most sacred things, so I thought this was a good fit for him.

I got him these slippers too:


Annnnd I also got him a beer glass with a Ron Swanson quote from Parks and Rec, but it’s a little too inappropriate to share here😛.

Then he got me this splendid Totoro eye mask: photo(21)

Because I’m a weirdo who can’t sleep without an eye mask and I also adore Totoro.

He also got me this:photo(22)

A GIANT mug for my coffee with my favorite kind of dog on it (shih tzus… is it bad that I think they’re so hideous that they’re absolutely adorable??)

And the BEST gift from the boy were these slippers:

photo (2)

Not only are they giant s’mores with smiley face, but they plug into my computer and heat up.

Best. Gift. Ever.


In love.

And we had the best date night ever while I was visiting him. We splurged and got giant burgers and a chocolate peanut butter pretzel AND rum milkshake to split. Probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever had to drink.


Rum shake and beer. It was that kind of night.


I think I’ll end this post on that sweet note, pour myself a drink, photo(5)

plug into my computer,


And reeeeeelax.



  1. OMG, you & JD are just too stinkin’ cute for words. I love the gifts you each got each other & the date night looks fabulous (and delicious)! Enjoy relaxing in the slippers!🙂 Happy Holidays!

  2. Those slippers are definitely going on my wish list for next year! I showed my parents and they didn’t really like them… Um, why not? They are awesome. Usb cord + heat = I NEED.

    Have you seen the french toast hand warmers? I’ll take both please.

    Merry Christmas Jessie. Hope you’re enjoying the time off!

  3. I need/want that coffee mug haha. I agree that it is always better to have a bus buddy🙂
    Happy Holidays!

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