Off Adventuring

Hello dear readers! It’s been a long time since I blogged about what’s happenin’ in my neck of the woods… Mostly because I’ve been off adventuring!


Ok, my adventures haven’t been quite as epic as Bilbo’s. Although, I did venture into the depths of a mountain just like my hairy-footed counterpart:


Except mine was a mountain of glorious cupcakes on Thanksgiving. Infinitely cooler than the Lonely Mountain if you ask me.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I should probably recap that a bit. We basically had our whole family over (with a few key players missing) and of course, we all got fancy for the event:


Love my baby sibs!🙂

We even had one guest who got to join the festivities from far away:


My cousin Kaitlin joined us for a bit after dinner with the rest of the fam. I’m the only green-eyed girl out of these ladies (mom, sister, cousin, grandma), but I still think we all look alike!

Oh, and naturally I stretched after chatting with my cousin just to make some extra room for that mountain of cupcakes.


Totally normal, right?

For the record, I think I ate three… maybe four. My body hated me for it, but I was one happy camper.

Then the day after thanksgiving we went to the Christkindlemarket downtown. You can check out more info about it here, but it’s basically an adorable German holiday market.


We all got hot mulled wine to keep us warm (they had non-alcoholic versions for my brother and sister). The kids thought we said “mold wine” when we were talking about it and were very confused and grossed out until we clarified haha. They’re cute.


My sister photobombing a cute picture of my parents. Stinker.

The following day we decorated the house for Christmas!


This lil nugget even “helped out”:


And by “helped out”, I mean sat on any decoration we put on the floor.

Our tree:


Or “chree” as my little brother used to spell it.

I’ll have to get a better picture later where you can see our hilariously haphazard homemade decorations (holy unintentional alliteration, batman). We’ve even got some that my parents made when they were little.

I also went Christmas shopping recently. I mayyyy have even bought myself a couple things too. I mean, look at this dress:


Can you blame me for wanting it?!

Annnnnd since this is mainly a food blog, I do have some recipe recommendations for you!

I tried Angela’s Peanut Butter & Oat Omelette:


I actually only ended up making a half batch and it was still SUPER filling. I made the mistake of making it for a snack. This recipe is deeeefinitely a meal and not a snack!

I’ve also been eating Amanda’s Double Chocolate Mug Cake basically every other night for dessert:


To. Die. For.

Plus there’s always room for a little puddle of peanut butter on top. How perfect is that?

That about sums up everything marvelous I’ve been up to lately, which reminds me to link up to Katie’s Marvelous In My Monday:

I’m off on more adventures this week to visit my love, so stay tuned for a recap of that visit sometime next week! Ciao.


  1. Ahh looks like you’ve been up to some awesome things recently, girl!! Love all the family time🙂 That’s what the holidays are about as far as I’m concerned…lots of fun and craziness with the fam! Your tree looks gorgeous, too! Have a great Monday, hun🙂

  2. The Hobbit is so so close!!😀

    Can you be my personal shopper? What is your rate?😉

    Your adventuring sounds like a blast! And our Christmas tree is still not up the last that I checked… We have a ton of homemade, slightly questionable ornaments too. haha.

  3. I’ve missed you girl! I wish I could go on an adventure with you! You seem to have SO much fun. After my huge Thanksgiving dinner, I totally struck a few yoga poses in order to pack in some more pie, so I feel you and your need for a quick stretch! I love love love that dress on you! I can never resist some good holiday shopping. Oh and how could I forget to mention your food? We need to have a blogger meet up where we all cook for each other. Your food looks marvelous! xx

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