MIMM: Around the Corner

Can you believe Thanksgiving is this week?! Insane how quickly time flies! I’ve just got one more final until I’m free from school for a solid six weeks, which is pretty marvelous. Which leads me right into my usual linkup:

Hosted by Katie.

First things first, something not so marvelous is the fact that it was under 20 degrees here yesterday. This is how I feel about that:


But I had a delightful weekend otherwise. Friday morning I had a doctors appointment and I didn’t get a chance to grab breakfast so by the time I was finished at 11:00 I was ravenous. So I whipped out my phone and called the boy for an impromptu brunch!


Still rockin’ my sleepy face. Pre-coffee of course.


Look at dat handsome fella’.

The most marvelous part of this weekend was Friday night, when I hosted Friendsgivingmas. It started out as Friendsgiving, but turned into a Christmas party (complete with ugly sweaters) because of this bad boy:


We all cooked a TON of food. JD even cooked all by himself😉. I’m so proud.


Sauerkraut and kielbasa- delish.


Me “helping out” in the kitchen.


Blurry pic- but the boy & my dishes (mine was roased sweet potatoes and butternut squash with a ton of brown sugar and shredded sweetened coconut- added after this pic was taken).

There was SO much food:

DSCN1187 DSCN1188

Everything was outstanding too.

And everyone’s ugly sweaters were properly, brilliantly hideous:



(This is my friend. He loves us.)

After we properly stuffed our faces until we couldn’t anymore we decided it was time to take a “family Christmas picture”. I’m quite pleased how they turned out:

edit2 edit

Love these crazies.

Stay tuned for my Thanksgiving inspired Together Tuesday tomorrow!


  1. Love the Friendgivingmas idea! Looks like a ton of fun! Definitely a sad face for this miserably cold weather- ugg! Good luck with your last final. I miss the feeling of being done with exams and enjoying winter break back when I was in school!

  2. Not to be mean, but I think you all failed at the ugly sweaters. Or maybe I just have really bad taste because I don’t think any of them look too bad. Funny story- a couple of the younger guys at my mom’s school one year decided to have an ugly sweater day. Well, it kind of offended some of the older ladies because they were sweaters that THEY would wear😉 Oh dear.

    That last picture just kind of says it all. You look like a fun bunch.

    1. HAHA omg that’s hilarious. And yeaaaah- it was more of a “random sweatshirt I would never wear” party, not necessarily an ugly sweater party. Although JD’s sweater says “theres snowone like my grandkids” and is way smaller than it looks in the pictures, which definitely killed me every time I looked at him. Hilariiiooouuuusss. My friend Mat (one in the gray on the left in the group pic) had the best sweater. Turtle neck with arms WAY too short. Brilliant haha

    1. Awww I’ll invite you to my next ugly sweater party to make up for your lame friends😉. Also I would kill to have that weather! It was like 15 the other day and snowing like crazy yesterday!

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